Friday, October 7, 2011

Another WIP! Yuch! (sarcasm)

Here is a photo I took of a work-in-progress--and you know how much I enjoy posting WIP's. It is still not finished, though it is quite a bit further along than this pic. Obviously I have begun using xerography in my work. Additionally, I have been working quite a bit larger as of late, so Artworks have not been getting resolved as quickly as similar smaller works did.

This is also similar to the work I completed at Take the Day 2011 (Yeah! Pics ASAP!), this will end up being a diptych or two separate works bound forever (haven't decided yet)...perhaps by a ring...


  1. Thanks! I am pleased you enjoy it. As I stated before, a good amount of work has been put into this piece since I took the photo, so I hope it concludes well. The cultivation and research has been very rewarding thus far.